Did you know that flushable wipes can cause plumbing issues over time?  Read more to prevent a major issue with your plumbing requiring drain cleaning in Tarpon Springs FL.

In 2018, flushable wipes made $2.1 billion in sales, and flushable wipes sales are only projected to keep increasing through the coming years. So what’s all the “flush” about?

Flushable wipes are an easy, convenient way to feel extra clean after we use the restroom; but our peace of mind can come at a much higher price. If you are a user of flushable wipes and have recently needed a drain cleaning service, you may already know the answer, but continue reading for more information on how flushable wipes can cause problems with your plumbing. 

What’s The Deal With Flushable Wipes? 

Flushable wipes are technically flushable; and yet, flushable wipes cause plumbing problems. 

Flushable wipes, first and foremost, take much longer to disintegrate than regular toilet paper. If you want to try an experiment, place some toilet paper and a flushable wipe in two separate jars filled with water. Look at them a day, month, and months later. The toilet paper will have disintegrated after a day. The flushable wipes could take months or even a year to disintegrate, depending on the brand. 

Older homes are especially susceptible to a flushable wipe clog, due to the metal piping which is common in an older home. The metal pipes will erode over time, which causes jagged edges to form inside the pipe and wipes then get caught on and build up a clog. Wipes also build up in the 45 degree elbow of a pipe, causing backups and possibly requiring an emergency plumbing visit. 

If you would like to be generally proactive regarding your homes plumbing, or know you have used flushable wipes in your home and are curious to see if there’s been any damage to your plumbing, you can schedule a plumbing camera inspection with your local plumber to get all of the information you need about the condition of your plumbing. 

What Are The Ramifications Of Using Flushable Wipes

Like we’ve mentioned, flushable wipes can cause massive backups and clogs in your home’s plumbing, but did you know that many cities are starting to see negative effects on a greater scale because of the influx in use of flushable wipes? 

More people started using flushable wipes during the 2020 pandemic (thanks to the toilet paper shortage) and municipalities across the nation started seeing massive clumps of thousands of flushable wipes, refusing to disintegrate, clogging up entire sewage lines in the city. 

Because of the new widespread use of flushable wipes, taxpayers are not only paying for the extra work to clean up after these flushable wipes in their city sewage lines, but also in their own personal homes. Ultimately you are paying much more for the effects of these wipes than they are worth! 

If you are worried about flushable wipe problems in your own home, or just like to be proactive, call us at Draingo Plumbing to book an appointment for a drain cleaning or plumbing camera inspection in the Tarpon Springs, FL area today!

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