Does Liquid Plumber Work? When you need to clean your sewage or drain lines, the most common use is a good drain cleaner, but keep reading to find out why calling a plumber in East Lake FL is a better option.

Most of us have used liquid plumber before. Maybe you had an apartment bathtub that never drained quite right, a clog in your kitchen sink due to too many vegetable peels, or a bathroom sink that must have a hairball caught in it and the water just wouldn’t go down.  

To an extent, liquid plumber can put a band-aid on the real underlying issue at hand, but of course, this does not fix the underlying issue. Depending on the age and condition of your plumbing, you may need to have your plumber clean your sewage or drain lines, or it may be a simple do-it-yourself fix. Keep reading to find out more about liquid plumber, the effects it can have on your plumbing, and what to do if it fails!

Mistakes People Make When Using Liquid Plumber

  • Using liquid plumber multiple timesLiquid Plumber does not fix all clogs, so using Liquid Plumber over and over will not resolve a clog such as a child’s toy blocking the pipe of your toilet.  If this is the clog in your drain, unfortunately you most likely will need to call your local plumber and have them fish it out. Often, a line can be backed up for so long that liquid plumber may temporarily fix the clog, but it will just reappear soon after in these cases. 
  • Using liquid plumber over a long period of time This can get you into trouble with your plumber. Over a long period of using liquid plumber, your pipes will eventually break down and erode away prematurely due to the chemicals in liquid plumber products. While liquid plumber can be a cheap and easy solution to your problem, it will always work out better for you if you call your local plumber for a small drain or sewage line cleaning early on rather than the much larger task of repiping your entire system. 
  • Using liquid plumber down the garbage disposalFor the same reason you shouldn’t use liquid plumber multiple times, or over a long period of time; you shouldn’t use it down your garbage disposal. Remind your family or housemates that the garbage disposal is for spare scraps of food, and not the entire plate of trash they have left over after dinner. This will prolong the life of your garbage disposal tremendously! 

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of/ Prevent Clogs? 

Many times in sinks, showers, and tubs, the main clog suspect is going to be hair. A quick and easy way to get rid of this clog would be to pull up on the stopper and if hair is indeed your issue, you will find it all wrapped around the bottom of the stopper. If you do not have a drain with a stopper, like in your shower you may just have a grate, then you may want to invest in a hair catching device which is about the same price as a bottle of liquid plumber. 

If you use liquid plumber on your drain and it isn’t working, you may want to try plunging the drain before and after using the drain cleaner to see if you get better results. If this doesn’t work, try snaking the drain, and if all else fails, you’ll want to call your local plumber rather than erode your pipes with more over the counter drain cleaner. 

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and professional plumber in the East Lake, Florida area, give us a call today!

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