How Do Plumbing Traps Work And Why Are They Important?  Also known as p-traps, plumbing traps help keep unpleasant smells as well as the poisonous sulfuric gases from coming back into your house.  Contact DraingoPlumbing for all your plumbing services in East Lake FL.

Have you ever heard of a p-trap, or a plumbing trap? You’ve definitely seen one before! They reside under our sinks and drains on tub and shower fixtures, and are U-shaped PVC pipes. 

We at Draingo Plumbing are a highly experienced and educated plumbing professionals offering plumbing services in the East Lake, Florida area. We aim to educate our clients and the community at large about the basics of plumbing, so keep reading below if you need to know what a plumbing trap does for your own home or for future reference. 

How Do Plumbing Traps Work?

Plumbing Traps were invented in 1775 by the first person to patent the flushable toilet. Using gravity, a plumbing trap keeps water in the bottom of its “U” shape thus creating a water seal and trapping poisonous and unpleasant-smelling sulfur gases from the sewage lines from passing up into your drains. 

Cracking in your sewage lines could be the root cause of backups into your drain, and this can be prevented with routine plumbing camera inspections. 

Why Do They Matter?

  • As simplistic as they are, plumbing Traps are very important. At the very least, they keep the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs and sewage out of your sinks, tubs, and showers. 
  • Plumbing traps are also very important from a health and safety perspective. Keep in mind that sulfur gas is ultimately poisonous and risks could go beyond just a gross smell in your house. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home (especially one built more than 25 years ago), it is recommended to have a sewage camera inspection done to verify the quality of the plumbing. It is always ideal to get a camera inspection to catch potential problems early, avoiding structural damage and health issues associated with cracks or faults in the sewage in your home. Backups into a plumbing trap may be a symptom of a fault in your sewage lines. 

If you suspect sewage issues or are purchasing a new home in our community, give us a call today for plumbing camera inspections in the East Lake, Florida area or for any other plumbing services you may need!

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