Do you need to replace your plumbing? Click through to the article to find out if you should be worried. If your concerned contact a Draingo plumber in the Trinity/Tampa FL area for a plumbing camera inspection and find out for sure.

At Draingo Plumbing, we strive to maintain a high standard of excellence, and maintain a good relationship with clients in our communities to be the best plumbers in the Trinity, FL and surrounding areas. We love to share our knowledge with our clients to help you understand and be able to better care for your home! 

A question we get all the time is how often should my home’s plumbing last? This depends on a couple factors. The major factors are what material your piping is made of and the environment it’s exposed to. Read below for all the information you need on your plumbing’s longevity! 

Piping Options Through The Years

Throughout modern history, we have used several different piping materials until we arrived at our modern use of PVC and Polybutylene Piping. 

  • Cast Iron- Cast iron piping lasts anywhere from 30-50 years and was mainly used in homes built before 1975. Unfortunately, the harsh Florida environment would typically erode cast iron pipes quicker than in milder climates. Keep in mind, 30 years ago was only 1992.
  • Copper- Copper piping lasts around 50 years as well and are more durable than cast iron in regards to weather, but they can not withstand acidic water and are expensive. Sulfur, calcium, magnesium and other contaminants often found in Florida water can reduce the lifespan of your pipes.
  • Brass- Brass piping lasts a bit longer than copper piping, but is not used due to it containing trace amounts of lead! 
  • PVC- PVC piping is the most commonly used since about the 80s and 90s. PVC piping can last around 75-100 years in Florida’s climate. Extreme cold temperatures can cause PVC pipe to become brittle over time, but that rarely, if ever, happens in FL.

If you have just moved into an older home that you’re unsure of the plumbing, we can take a look at what materials were used when your house was built and what kind of shape they are in with a plumbing camera inspection. 

Other Factors In The Longevity Of Your Plumbing To Consider

Other Factors to consider in the lifespan of your plumbing include the environment and weather. As we mentioned above, Florida does not have the kind of extreme cold that will make many pipes brittle and freeze. However, we do have extreme heat, humidity, and lots of calcium and magnesium in our water. The shifting and settling of your home can also sometimes cause issues with your plumbing.

Proper maintenance and installation are key to extending the lifespan of your plumbing to its maximum potential. In other words, being proactive is key. If you live in an older house that is 40-50 years old, please give us a call if you’re in the Trinity area for a plumbing camera inspection to assess your situation, or for all of your basic plumbing needs! 

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