What Are Some Common Plumbing Terms I Should Know?  There are some common plumbing terms that clients should know, but the rest can be left up to your plumber in Tarpon Springs FL to know.  Read more to find the most common plumbing terms.

At Draingo plumbing, we live and work in the Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas, and we are a team of highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional plumbers in Tarpon Springs FL. We work on everything, so we have a lot of experience with water heater plumbing, plumbing camera inspections, and your simple drain leaks and stoppages. 

We take pride in educating our clients, so keep reading below for some common plumbing terms you may need to know one day! 

What Is PEX Plumbing? 

PEX plumbing is piling made out of a poly-ethylene material. It is slightly more flexible than PVC, and is quickly becoming the new standard in piping. It is used for heat lines up north, but is mainly used for potable water lines down here in Florida. 

What Is P Trap Plumbing?

A p trap is also called a plumbing trap. You can see our last article here for a more in depth look into plumbing traps, but they are used to seal in septic gases and sulphur from the septic system. There are a multitude of different types of p traps depending on what sort of fixture it is used and even where it is used. 

What Is An Air Gap? 

An air gap is mainly used in commercial properties, like bars and restaurants, or in your laundry room. Air gaps are a three inch gap between the sink or fixture and its p trap. This is to ensure that no sewer gases or grease/oil comes back up through the sinkwhen you are washing dishes.  

Are There Any Other Common Terms Our Clients Need To Know, But Might Not? 

At Draingo, we prefer to use layman’s terms and speak in a way so that you understand us, so lucky for you, the answer for us is no! We strive to educate our clients and genuinely help them, not confuse and overcharge them. If you are in need of an educated, experienced water heater plumber in the Tarpon Springs, Florida area or have any other plumbing needs in the surrounding Tarpon Springs, Florida area, give us a call today. We’ll drain your pipes, but not your wallet!

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