What Is A Journeyman Plumber?  These are plumbers that are in between an apprentice plumber and a master plumber.  Due to strict licensing laws, you will not find a journeyman plumber in Holiday FL.

Are you looking for a plumber in Holiday, FL and doing research on plumbing credentials? Or are you an aspiring plumber trying to find your way into the plumbing profession? 

If you do even a precursory search on the plumbing profession, some terms you may not recognize will pop up, such as a journeyman plumber. What are they? What makes them different from an apprentice or master plumber? 

We at Draingo plumbing are plumbers located in Holiday, Florida. Our small local team has decades of experience among us and we’ve been around long enough to see the disappearance of journeyman plumbers in Florida. Keep reading below for more information on the differences between each type of plumber throughout the nation, and, in Florida’s case, why journeyman plumbers no longer exist. 

Types Of Plumbers And Their Responsibilities

  • Apprentice An apprentice plumber is at the dawn of their career. An apprenticeship is performing “on the job training” and is usually provided by a trade school, state program, or service company. Apprentices work alongside journeyman and master plumbers to learn the trade. The responsibilities of an apprentice are to assist the journeyman or master plumber they work under by handling tools, working on minor repairs, and studying building codes and learning how to read blueprints. 
  • Journeyman A journeyman plumber is not a licensed plumber in the state of Florida, but is so experienced that they can work with little to no oversight and can also train and supervise apprentices. Journeyman plumbers who aspire to be a licensed master plumber are working to accrue enough hours to sit for their master plumber licensing exam through working a multitude of plumbing and heating jobs.
  • Master A master plumber is someone who is licensed, and has taken and passed their master plumber licensing exam. Master plumbers in Florida can open their own plumbing business and take on journeyman and apprentice plumbers. When a master plumber takes on apprentices and journeyman plumbers, they are responsible for the work their plumbers do as well as pulling permits and making sure everything is up to code on their jobs. 

Journeyman Plumbers In Florida

Florida has been highly successful in deregulating a lot of departments the state government is responsible for overseeing, and the plumbing industry is no exception. Mainly because of some corruption dealing with journeyman plumbers obtaining a master plumber’s license, Florida has gotten rid of the journeyman licensing system. 

Currently in Florida, “journeyman plumbers” are employed as unlicensed plumbers, much like they would be as journeymen: under a licensed master plumber who is responsible for their work. If you are ever wary or would like to see a plumber’s credentials, in the state of Florida they are required to display their license numbers.  You can go onto their website to find their license number, or you can look them up on your county’s index of licensed professionals. 

If you are in need of experienced and professional local plumbers for any of your plumbing and heating needs in the Holiday, Florida area, give us a call today!

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