What Services Can I Expect From A Plumber?  Drain cleaning in East Lake FL is only one of many services a plumber can provide.  Read more to find out other tasks a plumber is able to perform.

The plumbing industry encompasses many different expertises. From heating, to pool filter repairs, to entirely repiping the whole house, plumbing professionals can offer a variety of services on their menus. 

Many of these services nowadays are becoming highly specialized due to equipment needs. Regardless, a master plumber will have the knowledge of how to do them and could even offer them as services if they have a larger residential plumbing company with the proper machinery. 

Here at Draingo plumbing, we have a small team of plumbers with decades of experience, and the best interests of our clients at heart. We offer a variety of residential plumbing services in the East Lake, Florida area and take pride in educating our clients while we do work for them. 

  • Leaking PipesWhether it’s a dripping faucet, or a leaking toilet, even a first year apprentice can have this job fixed in no time! 
  • Stoppages/ ClogsThis is another common residential plumbing service that we do along with leaking fixtures. Drain cleaning services are very common.  As pipes get older, there will be a build up of residues and waste/food materials that inevitably lead to a clog and can cause issues. 
  • PoolsMost plumbers can fix a leak near the pool filter due to it being the same type of piping and general idea as your home’s plumbing system.  However, bigger issues with the jets, pump, or inside of the pool itself will need to be addressed by the pool company. A pool has a closed system which is under pressure and has different fittings than the system in your home. 
  • Septic ServicesSeptic services are almost an entirely different trade from residential plumbing nowadays. This is to keep costs down for the customer due to its complicated protocol and equipment needs. Septic companies will drain the tank, test the soil, and deal with the proper waste disposal protocols for you. 
  • Sprinklers/ Lawn Watering SystemsWhile we do not install sprinkler systems, we will absolutely come and take a look at your system if you have concerns and we can fix any leaks or other repairs that need to be made. 
  • Water Testing/ FiltrationDepending if you have city or well water, your plumber may not service your house for water testing and filtration. Well water systems usually require more filters and water softeners than city water systems. We at Draingo plumbing service city water homes by using filters and softeners for Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and Sulphur.
  • Repiping Homes This is a massive project to take on.  Repiping a home is something we do when your plumbing system is getting older and wearing down piece by piece. It’s obviously not so common with homes built after the 1970s due to most piping being made of PVC which has a longer lifespan, but it’s still a very important service we provide. 

While these are some of the most common services we get asked about and do, this list is by no means exhaustive. Give us a call today for all of your questions, or to schedule a drain cleaning in East Lake, Florida!

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