What Should I Do To Maintain My Plumbing?  There are many ways to maintain your plumbing to prevent a bigger issue from happening.  However, when you find that the simple tasks are no longer working, it is best to call a plumber in Trinity FL.  Read more on our tips to take care of your plumbing throughout the year.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably seen all of those Pinterest worthy home remedy articles about maintaining drain lines or reducing odor from your garbage disposal. Has it ever made you wonder what you should be doing to maintain the integrity of your home’s plumbing? 

We at Draingo Plumbing, specialize in residential services like drain cleaning, in the Trinity, Florida area. Below we’ve made a list of tasks you can do to maintain your plumbing, and things to avoid doing for your wallet and sanity’s sake. 

What Can I Do To Make My Plumbing Last? 

  • Water Filters And Softeners: These will extend the life of your pipes significantly, especially in older homes. Older homes with copper piping are susceptible to erosion due to magnesium. 
  • Camera Inspections: Annual sewage line camera inspections can clue you into cracks or blockages that can be taken care of quickly to avoid further, more damaging consequences. 
  • Hair Catchers: Devices like the shower mushroom, or similar devices for your kitchen and bathroom sinks are useful in keeping hair and other objects out of your drains, meaning fewer clogs and healthier pipes! 
  • Watching What Gets Put Down The Drain: putting things like animal grease, flushable wipes, and (if you have little kids) copious amounts of toilet paper at once are all a big no-no. All three cause massive clogs and can eventually lead to larger damage down the line if not dealt with. 
  • Products Marketed To Septic Systems: Septic-specific dish soaps, cleaners, and toilet paper will definitely help your system as a whole, but remember: you will still need to do your regular maintenance.

Being highly experienced plumbers from Trinity, Florida, we have seen pretty much everything you can think of. These are all of our best pieces of advice on how to maintain your plumbing, but what are some things we see a lot that don’t help? 

What Doesn’t Work? 

  • Salt and Vinegar Drain Cleaner: Like most home remedies, this one is just going to be wasting your time. 
  • Drain-O type products: Long term, Drain-O is not going to help you out with a major stoppage in your pipes. It may get you by for a little while longer, but it’s important to get it looked at by a professional plumber and treated properly. To save some money, try boiling water and baking soda down the drain for the same effect (that might be the one home remedy that we’ve found works!). 

Hopefully, we’ve given you some useful information to keep your home’s plumbing in tip-top shape. If you have been using Drain-O on that one sink for weeks now, give us a call for a drain cleaning or any other needs you may have for a plumber in Trinity, Florida!

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